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  • Complex highly loaded projects
    We develop soft projects from individual online stores to industrial ERP systems and marketplaces
  • 10+ experience in soft development
    Working more then 10 years we created the strong high skilled team with unique competence.
  • 150+ software development projects
    More then 150 our clients are satisfied with projects submitted right on time

Tools that empower our Full Stack Development

  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • SQLite
  • Firebase
  • PostgreSQL
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Apache
  • Nginx
Our Full Stack developers at FoxyWay are adepts with the latest server tools and technologies such as Apache, DIGITAL OCEAN, NGINX, AWS (Amazon Web Services) that is required for the proper hosting, development, deployment and functioning of mobile and web applications.
  • Jira
  • Teamwork
  • Clickup
  • Miro
  • Figma
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Business process automation
Any business consists of running business processes and business tasks, even if it is not fixed anywhere and is not formalized in any way. Their "digitization" is needed for different purposes, for example, to:
- increase the effectiveness of marketing;
- easier to analyze business;
- reduce labor costs;
- speed up production operations;
- manage complex processes.
All this ultimately increases the efficiency of activities, allows you to attract and serve more customers, which means more profit.
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Logistics automation
Most relevant for forwarding companies, warehouse complexes, forwarders, 3PL operators, fleets, cargo terminals.

Automation of the logistics system makes the movement of all your goods and vehicles transparent and predictable. This is possible due to the fine tuning of business processes and workflow, accurate accounting, tax and management accounting at an automated facility.
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Implementation of the LogiX ERP system
LogiX is an enterprise management system for the transport and logistics services sector that covers the entire range of business processes and company operations. The LogiX ERP system is our own development, which reflects our many years of experience in logistics automation. For several years now, we have been successfully implementing it in both leading and growing transport companies around the world, ensuring rapid subsequent growth.
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Project outsourcing
Turnkey software development allows you to get a finished product without having to independently search, hire, train and administer your own professional team of analysts and developers. Instead, you can focus on your company's core competencies and track project progress while controlling timelines and costs. Over the years, we have formed a brilliant team of specialists capable of handling tasks of any complexity. Our team is ready to start implementing your project right now.
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Outstaffing of specialists
If you have your own development team, but you need to
- temporarily strengthen it or
- supplement it with missing competencies in order to complete a large project.
If company has key analytics and free management for the upcoming development, but there is no programming team - in these cases it is most convenient order from us outstaffing of specialists of the required qualification. So you get maximum control over resources without increasing the risks for the company.
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Our method of creation software solution
Putting together a complete information system
Collection and storage of information
We create reference books on product and service matrix, prices, descriptions, discounts. We collect information about transactions, clients, activities.
Multi-channel visualization and reporting
We provide information in accessible and convenient formats on the website, application, personal account, reports. Intuitive interfaces
Business procedure control
We help to define key points of business processes and put them under control. You will be powered with ability to avoid losing of sales potential and gain more profit.
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